Board to hear Pickering appeal at next meeting

HAMPTON — At Monday’s meeting, Selectman Chairman Mary-Louise Woolsey laid out the rules that must be followed at the February 3 meeting when they (the Board) hear an appeal of Hampton Patrolmen’s Association of the January decision by Police Chief Wrenn and Town Manager Barrington to discharge Aaron Pickering.  She pointed out that only the Board can adjudicate the matter and that it will not be a “public hearing,” but the public will be admitted.  She said that because of the public interest in the matter and the size of the Selectmen’s room she would urge everyone to watch the 6:00 p.m. meeting on life TV, Hampton channel 58.

She said that the strict control would be enforced, no “out of the ordinary” clothes, limited in-out movement during the hearing and no questions to the board prior to the hearing.  “This will not be a popularity contest,” Ms. Woolsey stressed.  There will be no board decision on the issue that night (February 3) but a report will be made public prior to a 2:00 p.m. meeting of the Planning Board on February 11.

Atlantic News 30 January 1997


About hamptonhistory

I am recalling the weird story of Hampton Police Officer Aaron Pickering.

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